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Like the equatorial types, there is a wide variety of species, of which teak is one of the more valued commercial tree found in parts of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia. After the Mongols were overthrown by the Ming dynasty in China and by others elsewhere in Asia, rival empires contended for power.

Patterns of Economic Development Most of Asia is economically underdeveloped, but a number of important exceptions exist. Marine fisheries are extremely important throughout coastal Asia.

In some cases entire villages would be given over to one particular trade.

The impact of the Spice Trade in the history of Southeast Asia Essay

Combining commerce with a fierce determination to spread their faith, Muslim traders from Arabia carried Islam as far east as the Philippines from the 13th to the early 16th centuries.

The tropical climate, abundant rainfall, and the fertile soil of the region made it suitable for the growth of cloves, nutmeg, pepper, mace, among many other herbs and spices.

The People The peoples of Asia are more diverse than those of any other continent, and they are highly concentrated in a small proportion of the total area, chiefly in southern and eastern Asia.

Historically, Southeast Asia has been a giant funnel into which peoples from the north and west have migrated.

ASEAN against the world on trade

Asia is divided for convenience into five major realms: The Allied victory in the war further stimulated Asian expectations for independence and modernization.

Moreover, because of these perspectives, the European colonials unwittingly tended to destroy the objects of their conquest. As a consequence of geography Srivijaya became a major Asian emporium of its time. Malayo-Polynesian peoples prevail in the archipelagos of Southeast Asia.

The resulting international competition for trade subjected Asia to encroachment by the empire-building Europeans. European Influence European expansion into Southeast Asia was slow and haphazard. Malacca's influence extended throughout the region, it being the centre of a vast intra-island trading network into which the wealth of the region was directed and concentrated; Indian cloth, rice and teak ships from Burma, pepper and tin from Sumatra and the Malayan Peninsula, and nutmeg and cloves from the Moloccas.

His sons and grandsons expanded the Mongol Empire, which eventually extended from China to the Middle East and the edges of Europe. Despite conflicting ambitions and ideologies, and local problems, wide sectors of Asia in the s and early s enjoyed economic growth, increased democracy, and improved living standards.

Impact of Trade on East Asia and South Asia

In this essay I shall briefly discuss the period up until The Mongols failed to conquer Japan. Islam spread into India as merchants traded and settled in the region. What role can regional cooperation play in addressing these emerging challenges in the global trade and investment environment.

Though it lost the territory of Laos, Thailand managed to remain independent as a buffer state.

Globalization, Australia and the Asia-Pacific Essay

Spain was next to gain control. The nature of European impact was highly varied throughout the region, and the force of this impact was very uneven.

Malay and Bahasa-Indonesia are the official languages of Malaysia and Indonesia respectively; these are related to one another and are mutually intelligible.

The Importance and Consequences of Trade in Southeast Asia

These are the agreements negotiated exclusively between to countries. May 12,  · The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Explained. Image.

The Importance and Consequences of Trade in Southeast Asia

It is seen as a way to bind Pacific trading partners closer to the United States while raising a challenge to Asia’s rising power.

Trade with Europe and Asia had cost Africa in multiple ways. The interactions left Africa impoverished, caused the decline of many regions, and completely changed the course of African history. The Europeans and Asians would receive slaves, salt, and gold from Africa, and in return Africa would.

INTRODUCTION This essay is an analysis and comparison of the trade patterns of China and India since and studies the effect of the regulating economic and national policies on the trade performance. By the end of the first century B.C., there was a great expansion of international trade involving five contiguous powers: the Roman empire, the Parthian empire, the Kushan empire, the nomadic confederation of the Xiongnu, and the Han sgtraslochi.comgh travel was arduous and knowledge of geography imperfect, numerous contacts were forged as these empires expanded—spreading ideas.

Essay on the Introduction to SAFTA Essay on the Objectives of SAFTA Essay on the Instrument of SAFTA Essay on the Trade Liberalisation Programme of SAFTA The South Asian Free Trade Area or SAFTA is an agreement reached on 6th January at the 12th SAARC summit held in.

- Contrast the ways the wealthy long distance traders of Southeast Asia engaged in commerce with the ways of Hausa women in seclusion. (See the reading "I Was Sent Out to Trade Again"). In what ways are both forms of commerce necessary to the economy? - In this part of the world long distance trade depended on good ships and safe seaways.

Asia trade essay
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